Cody Technical Services, LLC
Serving Wyoming

IT Config and Troubleshooting

Whether you're having trouble with your current setup or need advice about when to upgrade - we are here to serve. We do not resell hardware or software - you will get help with exactly what you need at the right price. Some of our strengths:

  • Microsoft Certified for both Desktop and Server
  • Apple Mac repair
  • Backup and RAID setups
  • Small network and Router configs

Web Development and Analysis

  • Support for Wordpress and other popular PHP platforms
  • Kiosk and digital signage solutions
  • Data migration and conversion
  • Repair and Rescue
  • Traffic reports, analysis and Keyword research
Down and dirty IT work

Looking for network cables

Now Accepting New Clients
Serving Wyoming

IT for Small Business

We have been helping small businesses in Cody, Wyoming with their IT needs for years now. We are currently accepting new clients in the Cody area and would love to be of service.

  • Microsoft Desktop, Servers, Active Directory
  • Apple Mac desktop/iOS
  • Highly-available storage for servers and backups
  • Cloud servers such as Office365 and Google Apps
  • Small networks including routers, wireless, switches, firewalls, VPN, and more
  • Experienced with multiple Point-of-Sale environments and most applicable hardware (scanners, drawers, printers, etc.)

Friendly Service

We are sensitive to the importance of IT even in the smallest business. We respond to emergencies as soon as we possibly can. However, our general setup has prevented any "emergencies" for occurring in a very long time. By using redundant technology with rigorous patch-management schedules, we keep things as fine-tuned as possible. Generally, we are aware of problems before they become a major headache for you.

  • Knowledgeable and experienced
  • No hardware markup get exactly what you need at the right price
  • Local service from Cody
  • As prompt as possible
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Freedom from your IT worries.


When you need a website done right...

Cody Technical Services brings you many years of experience with installation, coding, migration, and maintenance. Whether you need a new website or have an existing site, we are here to help. Resist the allure of larger, overpriced firms and see what "the local guy" can do for you.

Recent & Ongoing Web Projects

"In no particular order, here are some websites I have worked on or am currently working on. Feel free to ask me what my specific role was in any of these sites." - Seth Johnson, web developer.

Down and dirty IT work

Example of iScout in Kiosk Mode

  • Cody Firearms Experience A great example of MINDBODY API implementation for online booking and eCommerce.
  • Park County Library They do a great job adding content to this Wordpress site.
  • Jeff Troxel Another Wordpress site.
  • Buffalo Bill Center of the West
    • Primary Website This is a big Wordpress website/
    • Online Collections This is a CakePHP website where I created an ORM between our internal collections management data and this public website. Other than that there is TONS OF COOL STUFF in here!
    • iScout tour A jQuery Mobile website to match labels printed in the galleries. Also works great standalone, although I'll be rewriting it in Bootstrap soon.
    • The Frederic Remington catalogue raisonn├ę - Another CakePHP website. Browse every known Frederic Remington artwork. People who buy the book and receive VIP access to hi-res images and advanced data.

Examples of web development services:

Mobile-centric web design

Did you know most of our sites receive more Everyone's talking about it for a reason - if your site doesn't work great on a phone and tablet we need to talk. Getting a passing score from the Google mobile-friendly test is a good start. From there we can assess key pages and visitor-flow for a beautiful experience on any size screen.

Data integration and conversion

Whether you have some chunk of data you need on the Internet or a big idea involving lots of information storage and retrieval - I can help. My favorite projects start with some kind of data conversion or ORM.

Wordpress site creation and maintenance

Wordpress has become THE most popular website framework on the Internet, as a result it's also THE MOST HACKED framework on the Internet. Few users and developers truly understand the power and sacrifice that come with it. Theme customizations, plugin development, hosting selection, security considerations, backup and migration - we've got you covered. Whether you're launching a new site or need help with your current site we can help.

Content strategies and search engine considerations

Everyone and their dog has some theory about SEO - most of them are hokey "get rich quick" schemes mired in obsolete and misguided content strategies. If you really want to rank for a search term there are two ways: Earn it organically with your content or buy it on the open market - we can help with either strategy (and the best is usually a combination of the two).

eCommerce solutions

We can help you navigate the entire process of getting your stuff for sale on the Web. We'll start by figuring out the most practical, meaningful way to sell your products online. From there, it's relatively easy to get started and scale up as needed.

Kiosk, digital signage, and other great things

Almost any idea involving "communication through a screen" can be built for the web! We have made numerous specialized applications using web technology. Whether it be for line-of-business operations, interactive kiosks, or something else - we can help.

Technologies we like (or are forced to use)

  • Wordpress The very popular "blog platform" turned Content Management System. Although installing Wordpress is simple, maintaining and customizing it can be difficult. I approach Wordpress sites using the highest coding and security standards. Custom themes and plugins are no problem!
  • MINDBODY API This is Point-of-Sale software used by millions. Seamless API implementation requires careful, meticulous programming.
  • RaspberryPi Great for digital signage. Loops [email protected] video flawlessly for hours on end!
  • LESS/SaSS Of course compiled CSS has become necessary in this tangled universe of devices and screen sizes coupled with the demand for rich content.
  • Google Analytics The industry-standard for understanding how traffic on your website is behaving. Custom reporting and dashboards can help you make the most sense out of it.
  • git Code revisioning is as good for the customer as it is the coder.

Favorite Tools

  • Notepad++ Still the one I run to. I make custom web sites and write custom code for each job - so I use NotePad++ more than any other application on my computer! Lucky for us, the Multiple Undo feature has come a long way over the years.
  • GitHub The easiest way to use git. You can check out my projects using that link. It's not the most organized, but feel free to ask questions.
  • CakePHP I've built a bunch of things with this. The Automagic bake is a great way to create back-end interfaces quickly, and coding the frontend isn't horribly painful.
  • TurnKey Linux Get a development environment working fast. Works great in Hyper-V. They can also be deployed via AWS - but make sure you really want one in production first.
  • Bootstrap Easy mobile-first development with lots of handy tools. The development appears active, so that's exciting.
  • papert (Logo in your browser) Always comes in handy, and reminds me of the Apple II days when there were only 5 color monitors in the lab. Logo in color was more badass than anything else in elementary school.

Cody Technical Services, LLC
Serving Wyoming

Professionally certified. Friendly service.

Technology has become an important part of the world we live in. Sometimes, things feel so complicated that it can seem impossible to get the solutions you need with the same local service you would expect from a plumber, electrician, painter, or other certified Technician. When you hire Cody Technical Services you get:

  • Plain-english explanations of technical issues
  • Empathetic consideration for your budget and time
  • Thoughtful, careful analysis of your entire situation
  • A real person who lives, works, and cares about the community

Honesty and compassion

We can repair almost anything, but sometimes it's not worth the time and money to do so. Sometimes it is. Since we do not resell hardware or software, we get to focus all our energy on one thing: Excellent Service. We are probably a good fit if the following apply to you:

  • Your business continuity matters
  • Budget and time are crucial
  • Happiness is important to you
  • You are intelligent, maybe just not with "computer stuff"
  • (or)
  • You know enough about "computer stuff" to know that you want to hire someone else to deal with it
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Bison selfie gone wrong

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